Join Me!

Make a difference in your life and make an impact on your world!

WHY A&D for me?

     Why did I begin this adventure with Agnes & Dora? For me, I needed a creative outlet for fashion and a way to make money doing it. I am a professional life skills educator, and I have learned over the years that we as women have trouble being comfortable in our own skin, which directly affects how we deal with the world. 
     What A&D clothes did for me was give me beautiful choices in my wardrobe that made ME feel pretty! Regardless of your personal struggles, when you feel good on the outside and that trickles into the inside. I no longer feel self conscious about what I am wearing or whether my mom pooch is showing. I feel confident going out and it shows on my face.
     Combined with the REAL sisterhood of other reps, and the direct support from our CEO Buffy Bandley and the entire HQ Team. Transparency, not smoke and mirrors. TRUE SUPPORT.

     If you have ever dreamed of  owning your own business or are ready to leave the rat race for a more positive work environment,  please consider Agnes & Dora!

                I would LOVE to have you on my team!